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Grow, Automate & Monetize

Your Community 

Activate a custom-branded iOS, Android & Web platform that unlock value and generate new revenue

Business Associations

Your branded app and website will enable:

  • Private, viral social networking

  • Community engagement

  • Marketplace & payment processing

  • Automated member fees & benefits

  • Multimedia content management

  • Advertising & monetization

  • Business profiles & promotions

  • Control of your community's data

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Enable Digital Networking

Activate a Marketplace

Generate New Revenue


The Platform is available for your members on the Web, iOS, and Android Devices

Members can participate in the networking & marketplace platform by posting their own events, services, products, and offers.

Members Access and Engage with Content and Resources

Members can participate in community forums and interest-based channels while building valuable business relationships through digital networking capabilities.

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Generate New Sponsorship Revenue

The website and app both have built-in digital advertising and sponsorship inventory and management software. 

An End-To-End Solution for Your Membership Organization 

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Attract and retain members with a tangible community engagement platform

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Empower your members with networking and promotional software tools 

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Enable your members to manage their content and promote their businesses


Powerful Member Portal

Prospects can instantly sign up for a recurring membership subscription and unlock features that enable them to network and promote their business on the web and mobile platform


Dashboard and CRM

Streamline data across communications, bookings, and member engagement 

Access powerful analytics on leads, members, and sponsors that help you manage operations

Earn new marketplace & digital advertising revenue across the web platform and mobile app


Our Clients and Partners



"It’s a new way of doing business and interacting with our members. It’s a way to engage them through technology that’s really going to be the wave of the future."

- Randy Peers, CEO & President of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Why membership organizations need an engagement and marketplace platform:

  • Organizations struggle to communicate value and ROI with insufficient staff

  • They want to become more affordable, but less than 30% offer monthly billing

  • The #1 reason members join? Networking. Yet over 50% of orgs lack an online community

  • 3 of every 4 organizations lack a member benefits program or marketplace

  • Most organizations are stuck with old-school technology and sales and marking tactics

  • Forward-thinking organizations are adopting new digital models and growing fast

Why TagFi?

TagFi is the only marketplace and networking software in the world to provide complex membership organizations a custom-branded end-to-end software solution that streamlines operations and creates new value propositions for members, providers and digital sponsors within the network. 



Flexible & Affordable Packages Available


TagFi's Mission: Empower 1 Million Groups By 2030.

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