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for sharing what you love

You already love TAGFI’s community-building platform. Why not get paid to share the experience?
✓ Empower leaders
✓ Build communities
✓ Earn commission

You’re leading a great community with TAGFI

Through the TAGFI affiliate program, now you can empower other online group hosts, local community leaders, innovators, and connectors to launch their own communities just like yours.

When you share the TAGFI platform with leaders in your network, you’ll earn recurring commission for every host who activates their own group.

That’s significant revenue and collaborative community growth— powered by TAGFI.

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Four reasons why your group needs a channel.

Your group will grow faster. People can easily find and join your group while browsing the platform.

You can monetize your group by gating your premium content, resources, events, and more. Charge a membership fee and even set up multiple membership tiers.
Hosting and promoting virtual and on-site events is a breeze. Accept RSVPs, send event reminders, and collect event fees automatically.
You can stop relying on social media to grow and manage your group. With your own dedicated Channel, manage what you want to and automate everything else.
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Here's How It Works:

1. Apply

Tell us more about yourself, your group, and why you want to share the TAGFI experience.

2. Invite

Spread the word to other group hosts and community leaders in your network. Tell them how launching their group on TAGFI activates recurring revenue, membership benefits, and a hyper-connected community!

3. Earn

Collect a sign-on bonus every time your referrals launch their own group. Then continue to earn recurring revenue every month their group stays active! That’s significant, consistent revenue just for sharing what you love.