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Made Simple

With TAGFI’s quick-launch community engagement software for Coaches and Consultants, now you can activate, grow, and monetize your network instantly. 
✓ Find new clients
✓ Improve your client retention
✓ Boost your revenue

Your network values your expertise

Give them more of what they love, streamline your operations, and boost your revenue with TAGFI for Coaches & Consultants

Building an expertise-based business on your own is hard work. Finding new clients, retaining your current clients, and continually searching for ways to provide value… Without the right tools, creating a sustainable coaching or consulting practice can feel impossible!

At TAGFI, we’ve developed a suite of client growth and engagement tools for busy leaders just like you. 

Grow your client base with TAGFI for Coaches & Consultants

• Build your own community by empowering your current and prospective clients to engage, post updates, host and join events, share resources, communicate in the group chats, and more. 

• Upload your own exclusive, high-value, clients-only content and resources.

• Activate significant recurring revenue by offering special client benefits and multiple subscription tiers.

• Create premium live or virtual events to drive even greater revenue. 

With TAGFI, it’s easy to migrate your existing clients to your new digital community and invite your contacts & network. Plus, our fully optimized platform means your new community is easily discoverable by interested prospects.


Four reasons why your group needs a channel.

Your group will grow faster. People can easily find and join your group while browsing the platform.

You can monetize your group by gating your premium content, resources, events, and more. Charge a membership fee and even set up multiple membership tiers.
Hosting and promoting virtual and on-site events is a breeze. Accept RSVPs, send event reminders, and collect event fees automatically.
You can stop relying on social media to grow and manage your group. With your own dedicated Channel, manage what you want to and automate everything else.

Coaches and Consultants love these user-friendly features

Engagement on-the-go
Your digital community is accessible on desktop and mobile as well as iOS and Android apps. Your members are always one tap away from connecting, accessing, joining events, and engaging. Plus, push notifications and group & one-on-one chats keep every member connected. 
Pain-free payment processing
TAGFI gives you an automated digital funnel for growing your membership. Plus, the platform seamlessly integrates with Stripe for automatic subscription renewals and payment processing. Easily charge for events and never miss a recurring payment!
Automated messaging
It’s never been this simple to connect with your community. Automatic welcome emails, subscription renewal reminders, event confirmations, and more are all set up in the workflow. Less time emailing = more time with your members and customers!
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Will you be our next success story?

Business Association

"TAGFI's software is powerful. We deployed the web and mobile app for our Black business community and have been able to attract thousands of new members, and many valuable new sponsors."

- Charles Debow, Vice President of The National Black Chamber of Commerce

Fitness Brand

EB30X had two gyms and a Facebook following when Eric deployed a TAGFI Powered Web & App. Now EB30X has a thriving community with thousands of members. "The app is dope and our members love the seamless access."

- Eric Basset, Founder and President of EB30X Fitness

Chamber of Commerce

“For the Chamber of Commerce, it’s a new way of doing business and interacting with our members. It’s a way to engage them through technology that’s really going to be the wave of the future. I think we’re breaking ground here that could revolutionize how Chambers across the country do business.”

- Randy Peers, President & CEO The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Three Steps to a Thriving Community

1. Launch

Meet with our growth specialist to determine which software solution is right for your community. You can activate a group or get your own custom-branded platform, and you can integrate with or replace your current website seamlessly. Sign up to activate your TAGFI software. You’ll be ready to invite, engage, and earn within minutes!

2. Empower

Invite your network. When members pay, they gain access to your exclusive content and can unlock the built-in digital perks including your resources, events, live streams, member networking, and more. You can even add or migrate your existing members to your digital community easily.

3. Grow

All of your members gain access to exclusive benefits and built-in digital perks. Use the easy sharing features to invite your network via Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, email, and more to spark your own viral growth! Plus, every piece of content on your platform is shareable so that your community can provide organic marketing value as well.