Four reasons why your group needs a channel.

Your group will grow faster. People can easily find and join your group while browsing the platform.

You can monetize your group by gating your premium content, resources, events, and more. Charge a membership fee and even set up multiple membership tiers.
Hosting and promoting virtual and on-site events is a breeze. Accept RSVPs, send event reminders, and collect event fees automatically.
You can stop relying on social media to grow and manage your group. With your own dedicated Channel, manage what you want to and automate everything else.
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An integrated community marketplace platform for businesses, professionals, and leaders.

A marketplace of hyper-local groups, communities, and main street businesses.

Emerging tech companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers for scaling businesses.

This up-and-coming platform connects socialites with the best events, groups, and special interest communities. Make connections and find your people with TAGFI Social!

Our new wellness platform connects fitness enthusiasts with the best trainers, gyms, coaches, resources, products, and services. Both virtual and in-person opportunities will be listed!

Want to get involved? TAGFI Nonprofits helps volunteers and advocates find like-minded communities— and make a real difference for the causes they care about most.