Build Your Custom Social Network Platform With TagFi

Build Your Custom Social Network Platform With TagFi

Connect with your community on a unique, custom social network platform built just for them.

TagFi’s platform is designed to get your custom social network up and running fast. Keep your members engaged and position your community for viral growth by leveraging TagFi’s user-friendly templates, interactive user feeds, and more. 

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Get your social network platform up and running fast with TagFi’s suite of tools

Reporting and Analytics

Track every aspect of your custom social network platform from TagFi’s user-friendly dashboard. Stay up to date with user data, membership leads, marketing metrics, and engagement analytics.

Event Management Tools

Host events for your community with TagFi’s built-in event software that allows you to create and manage events. Make your event listings public or members-only, and keep everyone in the loop with an attendees’ group chat.

Push Notifications

TagFi’s social network platform is mobile-friendly, and you can keep your community engaged while they’re on the go with automatic push notifications.

Private and Group Messaging

Your members can chat with each other one-on-one through direct messages or join together to have conversations with your entire community through public message threads.

Ads and Sponsorships

Promote your sponsors and build a thriving marketplace on your platform with promoted posts that help your organization to collect ad revenue.

Custom Website URL

Let your community know that your custom social network is for them by setting a custom URL for your new website or subdomain.

Interest-based Channels and Groups

Cater to all of your members’ unique interests by building distinct channels and groups revolving around specific topics, events, and content. These groups can be private or open to your entire community.

Interactive Content Feeds

Create and post content to your members’ feeds that they can like, share, and comment on. Empower your paid users to share their own content, creating a self-sustaining community.

User Profiles

With TagFi, every member of your community will have a unique user profile. Allow both paid and free users to create profiles to engage with your entire community and cultivate new leads for your membership tiers.

User-Friendly Website Creation

Launch your brand new, interactive social networking website with TagFi. Or if you already have a website, use TagFi’s social networking features plugin to engage your community.

Create the custom social network platform your organization needs

TagFi’s flexible platform is built to accommodate a variety of organizations, from small online communities to nationwide associations. 


Get the cost-efficient flexibility your association is looking for and create a custom social network platform tailored to your members’ unique interests. Empower your members to connect with one another while expanding your community with TagFi’s tools for viral growth. 

Online Communities 

Say goodbye to third-party social media websites and say hello to a unique platform with your members, your sponsors, your guidelines, and your content. Engage your community how you want to and make the most of monetization options that are just between you and your sponsors. 

Local Communities

Build an online community for you and your neighbors using TagFi’s event management and marketing tools. Spotlight local businesses and artists by setting up a marketplace on your platform, giving your community an easy way to interact with them and buy their products online. 


Build personal relationships with your donors and forge a community around your nonprofit by creating a social network platform just for them. Encourage your supporters to connect with one another, and add your next fundraising events to all of your donors’ calendars. 


Entrepreneurs and social influencers can build a community around their brand, promote their products, and attract new members, all while saving time and resources with TagFi’s variety of automated engagement, messaging, and recurring revenue tools.

Build a custom social network platform that revolves around your community today with TagFi. 

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