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Activate a Network Marketplace & Unlock New Revenue Streams

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Deliver important information to all constituents or to segmented audiences.  Users will receive a push notifications

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Networking images 3 (1).JPG


Post events & enable members to post events too. Users can discover, sort by categories, add to calendar, and book events. Event attendees can even join a group chat.

To learn more about the built-in communication features for  your community members, please schedule a demo.

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Post, discover and book free and paid services offered by your Association or by approved members of your community.

To learn how this can generate ROI for the Assocaiation, please schedule a demo.

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Browse groups or channels, categorized by interest. Join or request to join in order to view posts and upcoming events, also receive updates & push notifications 

To learn more about the built-in communication features for segmented groups in your community, please schedule a demo.

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Enable Members Businesses or Sponsors to promote their offers to the community. Earn new revenue while your sponsors receive reports and analytics with a true ROI. 

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Member Directory

Members can network with other members through our in-app LinkedIn style messaging features.

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Linkedin-Style messaging features and logics, as well as automatically generated attendee group chats for upcoming events.

To learn more about how the messages feature promotes social engagement and inclusivity, please schedule a demo.

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All community constituents have the ability to set up their personal profile, choose their interests, and access their tickets and groups that they have joined. But only paying members or authorized members can promote their events and services on the platform

To learn how user profile data is used to generate targeted content, please schedule a demo.


Provide Members and Sponsors a Self-Serve Portal 

Members businesses can promote their business and sponsors can add this digital ads on the platform through the self-serve portal 

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Your Dashboard,Data and Analytics

Includes the best in class Membership Management System, CRM, and Ad Management Software. Track new revenue earned, membership engagement and more

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