1. How do I retrieve my password? A: Visit the login screen and tap ‘forgot password.’ An email will be shortly sent with instructions. 2. If I put my full name in the profile, can everyone see my name? A: Only your first name and last initial will be displayed in your public profile 3. What is “For you” and “All Groups” on the Home page? A: “For You” is all activities recommended for you based on your age & interest. “All Groups” is All age-matched activities near you. 4. Can I search for Activities near me by Activity Name or by Host name ? A: Yes, You can search by Name of Activity or name of Host or even Interest type. Just go to the Groups tab and type this in the search bar. 5. Can I message the group Host? A: You can only message if you are join the group. 6. How do I send a message to a specific member from a group? A: You are only able to send messages within the group message board 7. How do I share the TagFi app with a friend? A: On the homepage in the upper left corner there is a ‘Share’ button 8. How do I share an activity that I see on the homepage? A: Locate the activity and tap on the 3 green dots in the top right corner. An option for ‘Share this activity’ will show up. 9. Do I have to allow my location preferences to the app for it to work best? A: Yes, this app works only by geo-location 10. After I create a group activity, how do I make edits, how do I invite people? A: Go to Created Groups, then go to ‘Manage Group’ and press the edit button. You can invite more people to your group by tapping the “Tag More People” under the members in Manage Group 11. When I make a change to a group, will everyone who joined be notified? A: Yes, TagFi will send a notification to all group members 12. How do I delete a created group? A: You can only delete a group if it is a free group or if your paid group has no members. There is a ‘cancel group’ button in the manage group page. Your group members will be notified that the group has been cancelled. 13. What if I want to invite someone and have my group open to the public? A: Go to manage group and tap on Invite more. You will be able to invite people from your contacts. 14. What if I want to create a group outside of the 40-mile radius? A: Go into Settings on the app and enter the zip code of where the activity will be held. You will now be able to create your activity. *Note: People within 40 miles of that zip code will be able to view your activity. 15. What is your refund/cancellation policy? A: No refunds are given; however, the host of the group may allow makeups. View individual hosts’ policy on the group page. Message Group Host for a make-up. 16. What if the host of the group cancelled their session and I cannot attend the makeup? A: You are eligible for a refund, but you must notify TagFi via the feedback session within 7 days of the cancelled session. 17. What if I am unsatisfied with the session and/or instructor? A: You have 7 business days to dispute a session by posting your dispute in the feedback section of the app or by emailing support@tagfi.com. If the session is deemed illegitimate, you will be given credit towards another TagFi group. 18. What if I am a host and cannot host a paid session, but already have people attending my group? Confirm that each member has received your cancellation message. Offer a makeup session. 19. As a Host, when and how will I be compensated for the group session I held? A: Funds will be transferred to the default account 7 business days after your group session is held. This is because we want to make sure the group was legitimate, and that there are no major disputes. Please make sure you enter your account info in the MORE section under Payment Setup. 20. How do I report users? A: After you create a group, you can click on Manage Group, tap on the user’s you would like to report icon, and report as “no show” or “report abuse”. 21. How do I delete my account? A: Press the three bar icon on the bottom of your screen and tap settings; after tapping settings there is a “Deactivate Account” button towards the bottom of the page. 22. Who can view the Local Buzz chat? A: Only people in the 40 mile range near you who have chosen the same interest and who are in the same age range (give or take 10 years). 23. How do I contact TagFi? A: There is a feedback section in the settings, you may send us a message on our website, or call our toll free number 1-888-Tag-Fi88(1-888-824-3488).