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1. Can I search for individual users? A: You can only search for individual users when you create an activity. After creating an activity, go to “Get Tagging” and search for user by name or in your phone contacts. When you search for users by first and last name, the results will only show first name and last initial. 2. Are you able to specify age in group search? A: Recommended groups on your Home page are based on your age and interests. 3. Is there a way I can look for groups with just other students in my school? A:Tagfi shows all groups based on geo-location near your school; but if the title of a group has the college name that matches the college name in your profile, then it will show up in your Home page under recommended groups. 4. How do I delete my account? A: Go to the three bars at bottom and tap on settings>delete account 5. How do I retrieve my password? A: Visit the login screen and tap forget password, an email will be shortly sent with instructions. 6. As a group admin is there a way that I can receive money collected from the group event? A: No, TagFI does not have any money exchange services. 7. Can I post clips as my profile photo? A: Yes, but your friends or contacts may have a difficult time finding you because your public profile only shows user’s first name and last initial 8. How do I send a message to a specific member from a group? A: You are only able to send messages within the group message board 9. How do I report users? A: After you create a group, you can go to Group Admin screen, tap on the users profile and report “no show” or “report abuse” alternatively, tap the groups icon on the bottom of the screen, go to your group admin page and fill out the report abuse section 10. If I put my full name in the profile, can everyone see my name? A: Only your first name and last initial will be displayed in public profile 11. Will my exact location show up to everyone? A: The location is based on your choosing, which can be split into three choices, recommended location, personal location and or custom location 12. Can I make my entire account private? A: Yes, you can tap “available” on your profile page to make your account unavailable. 13. Can I view all of the groups a friend of mine is apart of? A: Yes, you can follow your friend and their groups will show up on your recommended groups feed 14. How do I delete my app? A: Press the three bar icon on the bottom of your screen and tap settings; after tapping settings there is a “Deactivate Account” button towards the bottom of the page 15. How do I contact TagFi? A: There is a feedback section in the settings or you can call our toll free number 1-888-Tag-Fi88(1-888-824-3488) 16. How do i delete created groups? A: There is a cancel group button in the group admin, your group members will be notified that the group has been canceled and the group will be moved from created groups to history of groups, message board will still work for 24 hours after the group has been deleted 17.Is there a way for me to clear my group history? A: After six months group history will clear automatically. 18. What is TagFi pro? A: TagFi pro is subscription based premium membership that will be available February 2018 19. How do I share TagFi with a friend? A: Go to the more section, and tap the share TagFi and then you can choose whether to share Tagfi by text, email, Twitter, or Facebook or go to contacts and share the app with your contacts. 20. Can I comment on groups? If so how? A: No, you can only comment on the message board of groups that you are apart of 21. Is there a way for me to invite people to a group based on their record of attendance? A: Yes, you can look at individual profiles and look at their no-shows, and then tag people you like to invite them to your group 22. Do I have to open my location preferences to the app for it to work best? A: Yes, this app works only by geo-location 23. When I create a group, how do I filter who can join? A: Set your group privacy to “Have People Request to Join” so you can view their profiles befor accepting tem into your group, or “Keep group private” 24. After I create a group, how do make edits, how do I invite people? A: Go to created groups, go to group admin, press the edit button. You can invite more people to your group by tapping the “Tag More People” button on the admin page 25. When I make a change to a group, will everyone be notified who joined be notified? A: Yes, Tagfi will send a notification to all group members 26. Why Should I enter my school name/college/etc? A: TagFi matches users by age/preferences/school 27. Should I enter my school or work name in the title of groups when creating a group? A: Yes, users will get a better result of matches because the app will match you with people affiliated with your respective school or work. 28. What preferences decide recommended groups? A: Activities, entertainment, fitness, leisure, sports causes clubs collaborate/meet, networking meets, hangouts, and trending, ages, ethnicity(optional), gender(optional) 29. What if I choose and age range for the group I am creating but I want to invite someone who is not in that A: You can, just search for that person in your contacts or the “Get Tagging” section and invite!