Host Free or Paid Group Activities Near You

Passionate about sharing your fitness, wellness or culinary expertise?
Host your session on the TagFi mobile platform… Launching Sept. 2017

Why Host on TagFi?

Because it’s the 1st of its kind mobile platform that lets you:

  • Host, fund & share your passion with like-minded people nearby.
  • Promote your Brand
  • Manage you sessions with features like calendar, directions & who’s -in
  • View Profiles of people as they join
  • Create awesome video invites
  • Send messages, get notifications & reminders
  • BEST OF ALL: View and invite like-minded people nearby
  • AND, how about money? Get paid for hosting your session, charge a fee per person
  • Sing up now and Host 3 sessions commission-free.
  • Get $50 Sponsorship towards your next session.

Tips & Suggestions For Hosting A Great Activity

  • To build credibility and gain reviews, try hosting a FREE or $5- activity. As guests join, your ratings and reviews will increase!
  • You can host a group yourself or with a friend.
  • Host in any space: outdoor spaces are great for large group activities, indoor spaces have their own unique character & charm.
  • Some examples of great hosting spaces are : garage space, home studios, backyards, parks, or space sharing facilities.
  • Post your newly created activity on your social media pages letting your followers know that this is their chance to join your group live!
  • TagFi allows you to invite like-minded people nearby. Go into “Manage Group”, invite them to join in on the fun!
  • When adding a description to your activity let guests know what to expect during the session and what to bring.
  • When creating your activity: choose a “Refund policy” that allows guests to make-up the session. Guests need to inform the host 24 hours in advance by messaging within the group. Things come up sometimes and guests will love the fact that you can offer a future makeup!
TagFi app will contribute $50 towards your Awesome Activity.Rules: minimum 10​ members in activity, limit first 100 hosts to sign-up on TagFi website​

So are you ready to set your own time, charge your own rates, choose a place and organize your activity instantly?

Share & Fund Your Passion.

Payment acceptance feature will be implemented by Sept 2017. Sign up now to get 6 months commission-free hosting!

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