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Bring enhanced value to your donors & watch sponsorship revenue grow.
With a custom branded iOS, Android, and web app from TagFi.

Nonprofits like this have already put us to the test.

A strong virtual community is critical to the health of your nonprofit organization

You can keep managing your donors on your own. Piecemealing different software “solutions” and hoping social media algorithms will work in your favor today while you juggle your dozens of admin tasks. Or you can use our streamlined, automated, all-in-one digital platform with a proven track record for nonprofit organizations just like yours.

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"For the Chamber of Commerce, it’s a new way of doing business and interacting with our members. It’s a way to engage them through technology that’s really going to be the wave of the future. I think we’re breaking ground here that could revolutionize how Chambers across the country do business.”

Randy Peers
President & CEO The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, a Brooklyn Business Association that activated the Enterprise Platform and grew membership revenue by over 20% in 2020.
"The platform is 'dope.' Our community is growing and we expect to reach $1M in new membership revenue this year."

Eric Bassett
EB30X Brand Owner & former 82nd Airborn Ranger
EB3OX, a fitness membership community, went from 0 to 100s of new paying members in just 90 days by using our membership sales funnel.
"The National Black Chamber of Commerce is proud to launch the American Dream Marketplace, a platform that has captured our black business community and has attracted the eyes and ears of new sponsors."

Charles Debow
VP Global Development & Programs
NBCC, the National Black Business Community, raised $250K of new sponsorship revenue 90 days after activating the custom membership platform.

If you’re relying on social media and a traditional website, your supporters are missing out 

Social media and regular websites aren’t tailored to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. To keep your supporters engaged, provide value that encourages them to continue supporting, and to help them connect with one another, you need a custom solution created with your specific needs in mind.

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How we do it

When your custom-branded app goes live, your contacts will be invited to engage with the free content and events on the app. They’ll have opportunities to upgrade their sponsorship level to access exclusive content, resources, connections, and opportunities.
Donors are empowered to engage with one another using the chat feature and at virtual events. With automatically renewing donation processing, you’re freed to focus on interacting with your supporters. 
Beyond expanding your supporter numbers and effortlessly encouraging donors to upgrade their sponsorship levels, your custom platform also provides trackable ROI to attract advertisers. No expensive events needed.

TagFi makes nonprofit organization management easy.

Our team of community engagement experts are ready to walk you through every step of the process, from choosing the right package for your organization to celebrating your new growth. Ready to take the first step?

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