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Engage Your Members & Activate New Revenue

Instantly build a web & mobile community engagement and revenue generating platform

Engage your community with powerful tools including chats, posts, live stream and video library

Generate multiple revenue streams including membership, marketplace and advertising

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Scale your Revenue

Our proven process and world-class software helps you seamlessly grow your group revenue. Offer exclusive content tied to multiple membership tiers.  Every member subscription unlocks built-in digital benefits and perks for your members. Earn additional revenue from digital sponsorships and advertising. With TagFi, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Professional Associations
Offer exclusive industry content and networking opportunities, just for your premium members.

Engage your way

Creators, entrepreneurs, and community leaders engage your community, gate your valuable content and generate recurring revenue.  You can share resources, create polls, group chats, live stream and upload videos. TagFi’s simple software puts the best of Silicon Valley in your hands, you meet your members where they’re at.

Business Owners
Post instructional videos, live chat with your members, host Q&A sessions, and engage!

Activate a Marketplace 

TagFi is the only software in the world that provides multiple revenue streams. Earn membership, marketplace, and advertising revenue all on your terms and pricing.

Chambers of Commerce
Activate a real-time, hyper-local digital marketplace and networking platform that grows membership and revenue. TagFi serves over 150 Chambers and over 100,000 businesses today – yours can be next!

Events on autopilot 

Create events, process payments and share instantly. Manage your guest list and event reminders with the click of a button.  You can even activate a marketplace membership to allow your members to post and promote their own events!

Event Organizers
Promote in-person events and facilitate virtual ones. All from your simple TagFi platform

Keep your finger on pulse with Reports

Your advanced analytics dashboard tells you exactly what’s happening in your community, at a glance. Track membership growth, engagement, subscription and advertising revenue, donations, and more. With TagFi’s powerful analytics tools, you can understand your community better than ever.

It’s never been easier to watch your following (and revenue) grow! Reports let you track and leverage your growth.

Two Ways to Grow

Activate a group or launch your own interactive stand-alone platform for maximum engagement. With TagFi, you can activate the perfect solution for your community.

Health & Wellness Businesses
Get a hassle free website, no IT team needed. TagFi handles every step of the process.

Master your Messaging

Automate everything! Onboarding emails, membership renewal reminders, event confirmations, group chats, payment invoices, and receipts. Sit back and relax - your automations have you covered.

Simplify every step of your donor engagement process to save time and boost valuable revenue.

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