Who We Serve

Business Networking Groups

Industry Associations
Professional Organizations
Networking Groups
Investor & Startup Communities

According to the 2021 Membership Marketing Benchmarking report, 69% of members join trade and professional associations to network. With TagFi, your organization will have your own social and professional networking app, with built-in viral growth features, monetization tools, and ROI for your organization, your members, and your sponsors. This is your all-in-one solution, or an extension of your current technology tools.

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Economic Growth Entities

Chambers of Commerce
Destination Marketing Organizations
Convention & Visitors Bureaus
Economic Development Corporations

Imagine if there was an app and business marketplace for your city, town, state, or county. That’s TagFi! On your app, your members can promote themselves, procure goods and services from other members, access resources and information, and digitally network with each other and the local community. All seamlessly connected to your website, CRM, payments, and member benefits

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Mission-Driven Nonprofits

Community Organizations

Your nonprofit organization is mission driven to make a positive impact but your people are disconnected and distracted on multiple platforms such as email, social media and event platforms. Your supporters are can’t easily access your content or feel the impact that you are making TagF’s custom brand solution will be a game changer for your nonprofit organization. We will deliver a web and mobile app for your community that provides a place for communication, access to content, resources , and events and even a marketplace of services. It’s one place to make donations, and build relationships and even receive digital perks. Give your supporters a tangible value proposition that brings them closer to your mission and your community. Your data and revenue are all streamlined in one platform that’s yours!

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Health & Wellness Networks

Health Associations
Coaching Networks
Fitness Communities
eCommerce Websites

The $5 Trillion global health and wellness market is connected by entrepreneurs and organizations that understand the core of wellness is Community. With TagFi, you can have your own wellness network and marketplace with featured events, services, products, offers, and exclusive content that can be shared with free app users and/or locked for paying members. Your directory of wellness businesses can even feature certifications, videos, schedules, and more.

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Online Communities

Facebook Groups
Reddit Groups
Instagram Handles
LinkedIn Groups

If you are ready to take your online community to the next level and want to create a membership, marketplace, or private social network, TagFi is your all-in-one solution. With TagFi, you can seamlessly onboard your community into your own app and web platform, where you can actively manage and monetize your audience while generating stable and growing recurring revenue.

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