Activate Your Community & Marketplace
Group Software
For communities looking to monetize and engage their existing online group, our group community marketplace software offers an innovative solution. Activate consumer and business subscriptions to turn your LinkedIn, Facebook or Meetup group into an interactive revenue generating community. Plus, your members gain instant access to built-in membership perks and discounts offered through TAGFI’s wide network of partners. 
  • Unlimited groups & users
  • Events software & payment processing 
  • Activate multiple revenue streams
  • Collect marketplace & advertising fees 
  • Built-in membership discounts & perks  
  • iOS and Android mobile app included 
  • Accelerate your organic growth
$150/mo. (billed annually)
+ 15% fees apply on transactions
If you require additional marketing support to invite your members, talk to us!
Platform Software
TAGFI’s platform community marketplace software includes a custom-branded web platform and the TagFi mobile app designed to help you engage, grow, and earn! Organizations, associations, and Chambers of Commerce can configure and launch their own platform instantly— activating powerful revenue, automations, and optimizations with just a few clicks. Organizations with multiple chapters or groups can even launch subgroups with customized payment distributions and multiple streams of revenue. 
  • All the features and benefits of group software
  • Add custom partners, subgroups, and chapters 
  • Activate custom payment distributions
  • Custom-branded website 
  • Custom URL
  • Web & app content management
  • Advanced admin dashboard & analytics
$500/mo. (billed annually)
+ 15% fees apply on transactions.
For existing members or a bulk discount, talk to a TAGFI team member.
Enterprise Solutions
Our premium solution for established brands, organizations, associations, and Chambers of Commerce seeking an end-to-end solution for their multi-chapter or global membership. TAGFI Enterprise software includes all the group and platform features, plus an integrated CRM, custom-branded app, advanced data-tracking, comprehensive account support, and even more opportunities to generate significant recurring revenue.
  • All the features and benefits of group and platform software
  • Activate multiple groups
  • Activate custom payment distributions
  • Custom branded website 
  • Custom URL
  • Custom iOS & Android app
  • Custom content management 
  • Integrated CRM
  • Advanced admin dashboard & analytics
Custom pricing
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Access all TagFi features

Empower & Monetize

Earn recurring membership and advertising revenue, sell event tickets & services, and even enable your members or partners to promote their own business in your marketplace.

Activate subscriptions for your gated content
Activate a marketplace for businesses
Collect subscriptions for your gated content
Collect subscriptions for business promotion
Activate member-only offers
Activate member-only discounts
Activate member networking
Monetize by selling ads
Enable free trials
Enable free access
Share content & resources
Member directory
Business profiles & directory
Video library
Live streams
Marketplace inside of your group
Integrated payment processing

Engage & Grow

Engage & grow your community by leveraging the connective power of your own branded revenue-generating software— packed full of automations, engagement tools, and revenue generating features.

Create unlimited groups
Host group forums, live chats, and event chats
Create premium member-only events
1-on-1 private messaging
Convert free users to paying members, seamlessly 
Automated emails
Mobile app with push notifications
Gain new members organically
Encourage engagement with community points 
Offer referral rewards
Tap into organic growth

Manage & Succeed

Activate the viral sharing features to invite your contacts, followers, and friends to join your community. Then watch our optimized conversion algorithms convert them to valuable paying members!

Advanced analytics
Invite partners and add permissions
Connect to your website
Access high-touch customer support
Private strategy consultation
Quarterly check-ins of growth goals and monetization
Weekly events & workshops
Built-in perks and offers for your members
Videos and tutorials
Software set up support
Custom-branded website and URL
5-star mobile app for enhanced user experience
Live help desk with a variety of integrations (coming soon) 
Single sign-on (SSO) ( coming soon) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Community Marketplace Group software best for?

TAGFI's group-level software is ideal for those who lead an online group on Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup, Discord, or another platform. Our group software allows you to create an interactive, customizable space where your members can connect, access resources, share, join events, and more, all within your own dedicated digital space. You can even allow your members to showcase their own businesses in your group marketplace!

In short, our group software is best for leaders who want to break free from social media and lead their group, their way— while earning significant revenue in the process.

Who is the Community Marketplace Platform software best for?

TAGFI's platform-level software is designed for larger organizations, associations, Chambers of Commerce, and similar groups who need a user-friendly, mobile-friendly, easily-integrated engagement solution. This software allows organizations to empower their own leaders to create monetized groups with custom revenue disbursement options. And best of all, as a platform client, you'll get your own custom-branded website, URL, and dedicated TAGFI support.

Who is TagFi Enterprise best for?

Enterprise software is for large organizations, associations, and Chambers of Commerce with many subgroups across the country or around the world. It's our premium solution for organizations in need of highly customized, personalized, and powerful technology. Enterprise software also comes with Customer Success services, including data migration support, member growth services, and more. This software even supports multi-chapter organizations with complex payment distribution and communication needs.

How long does it take to launch? 

Launching your own group or platform software takes just a few minutes! These quick-launch solutions are perfect for DIY leaders— but don't hesitate to ask for support when you need it.

Our Enterprise software is a highly customized solution. Talk to a member of the TAGFI team for more details about launching this software.

How can I promote and grow my group, platform, or enterprise?

Use our built-in sharing features & email features to invite your contacts, network, and followers to join you in your new digital space. You can offer a free trial, a teaser of free content, or a mix of free and paid content to encourage people to subscribe. Then let our advanced conversion algorithms do the rest!