TagFi's Membership Growth & Success Formula

Say hello to your new digital funnel

Welcome to your new digital funnel powered by TagFi. The only platform in the world built for membership viral growth. No other software can guarantee that!  

A Networking & Marketplace for your Community

TagFi is an end-to-end solution for membership organizations, nonprofits, and fitness & sports associations. The custom branded iOS, Android, and Web apps help with:

  1. Engaging current members
  2. Acquiring new members
  3. Delivering value to sponsors
  4. Collecting membership revenue
  5. Connecting Affiliates / Partners
  6. Activating new revenue streams
  7. Managing multiple systems on one system

Launch Silicone-Valley Grade Software for your Community

Web and mobile apps, instant messaging, segmented push notifications, public and private groups, events, polling, document sharing, marketplace member promotions, advertising management software, referral program software, and viral sharing are just a few of the capabilities TagFi software provides.

It's about the ROI

TagFi's ROI calculator can show you how your organization can generate more revenue through our multi-tiered membership levels. Member-only digital content is unlocked as payments are automatically collected monthly or annually - Netflix style! Contact us to access the ROI calculator

Customer Success, training and support

TagFi will assign a customer success manager to your account who will provide you and your team with all of the training, support, and templates that you need to succeed. TagFi will also provide training, webinars and live support to your contacts, members and sponsors. Your success is our success!