Harnessing the Power of Community | TagFi Report

We’re better together. That’s why the community model detailed in this report works. When organizations harness the power of community, while skillfully managing their community using virtual tools, their growth is limitless.

2020 taught us all that without an intentional community-building strategy, and a user-friendly digital space for members to connect, organizational effectiveness will dwindle. 

TagFi was created to streamline the process of turning your organization into a virtual community. We believe that when organizations, new or mature, are given simple tools to grow their communities digitally, these groups have true staying power. 

Virtual communities are the new normal. Over the past several months, businesses and organizations alike have realized that those events which once drove significant growth can now be mimicked, even expanded upon, digitally. This has led to an explosive growth in the depth of their markets. Organizations that were once limited by physical distances can now create global communities knitted together by shared virtual events, resources, and member connections....

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