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TagFi in Press

TagFi in Press
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4 Little-Known Secrets to Better Networking

A social meetup app such as TagFi can help you expand your social groups in a non-business setting. Attending group activities in real time can prove to be a phenomenal way to build trust and valuable connections. You never know who you might meet. Read More

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3 Networking Tricks for Highly Effective Content Promotion

Apps like TagFi are great for finding social groups you can relate to and add value. The app enables you to meet up with like-minded individuals and bond over shared interests. Read More

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TagFi is the best face-to-face social interaction app on the market. It has been developed by TagFi Inc… TagFi is the social movement app making waves and revolutionizing how you get up, get out and be in. Read More

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4 Fundamental Tips to Cement Your Social Media Presence

TagFi for example, enables you to meet up and build relationships with people of all backgrounds. You simply create a profile and search for social circles based on interests. Read More