Activate Your Channel

A Channel is a custom-branded software tool you can use to chat, engage, post updates, share resources, and build community! Your Channel can be a private, members-only space for your existing members or a space that attracts new members and requires a monthly subscription fee or donation to access. Think of it like a private group that you’re in charge of, but with easy member access, payment integrations, greater customizations, mobile app access, and tons of other benefits.

And the best part? Your Channel can be up and running in 15 minutes or less. It’s that easy!

$39 / month
(billed annually)
$0.30 / member / month
    or 7% member subscription fee
- Includes unlimited no. of non-members and prospects
- Community channel accessible on web & mobile app
- Includes all Community Engagement features
Access all TagFi features

Community Engagement

Engage your community through your own branded revenue-generating software.

🖥️ Channel Software
🖥️ Website Widget
📱 TagFi App
😀 User Profiles
🔊 Interactive Content Feed
🗳️ Polls
📺 Video Library
💬 Messaging & Chat
📽️ Live Stream Events 
🏷️ Member Networking

Revenue Features

Earn Recurring membership revenue, sell event tickets & services.

🔠 Directory of Members
📅 Events Software
💼 Sell Tickets
👤 Activate Subscriptions
🔔 Built-In Perks
📤 Add Additional Perks
💲 Ads & Sponsorship

Automate & Grow

Activate the viral sharing features to invite your contacts, followers, and friends to join your community.

📧 Email Automation
🔔 Push Notifications
📤 Migrate & Upload Members
📊 Reports & Analytics
📅 Free Weekly Workshops
📇 Invite Unlimited Contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Channel software for?

Businesses, Associations and Groups who want to engage their members, attract new members and collect recurring revenue. A Channel is a custom-branded software that you can use to chat, engage, post updates, share resources, and build community! Your Channel can be a private, members-only space for your existing members, a space that requires a monthly subscription fee, or donation to access. Think of it like a private group that you’re in charge of. But with easy payment integrations, greater customizations, app-access, and tons of other benefits.

How fast can I launch my Channel?

To sign up for a channel, first choose a platform that matches your business. We have 4 platforms at this time: TagFi for TagFi for Associations, TagFi for Chambers of Commerce., TagFi for Business, TagFi for Groups. You can sign up on the spot and launch your channel on the same day! 

What are the digital perks for my members?

Your members will gain access to your content including access to your member-only events, polls, audio chat, video library, live stream, member-only events and member-to-member networking. You can also add your own member perks.

Can I activate multiple subscriptions?

At this time, you can activate only one membership tier for monthly and annual subscriptions. But we are working on multiple tiers. You will be notified of this soon. The target launch date is May 1st, 2022.

Can I connect my website to my Channel?

Yes, add a link from your own website to your new channel or add a widget to connect the two.

How do I promote my Channel and grow it?

Invite your contacts, network and followers. Upload /migrate your existing members. Use our built-in sharing features & email features. Your Channel is also promoted on the TagFi platform and mobile app! Download the TAGFI app on Apple and Google Play and share your channel!

What are the Channel software features?

Engage your community through your own web page…😀 User Profile, 📅 Events Software. 🔊 Interactive Feed, 💬 Messaging & Chat 📧 Email Automation, 🔔 Push Notifications, 💲 Ads & Sponsorship, 📺 Video Library 🗳️ Polls, 📤 Invite Members, 📊 Reports & Analytics, 👤 Membership Sign Up 💳 Payment Processing, 🖥️ Webpage, 📱 Native App Audio chat & live stream launching Feb 2022

Is there a promo code available?

At times, we have a special offer or promo code. Please look out on our website for an offer soon, or contact us!

How fast can I receive my payouts? 

We process your payments and distribute the funds daily in batch payouts. Through the dashboard, you can connect Stripe to your bank account and seamlessly review daily payments.

What are the transaction fees? 

When your members subscribe to your channel, there is a 2.9% + .30 Stripe fees for each transaction plus a 7% convenience fee on each transaction. You can also upload / migrate your members for a fee of $.30/member/month. Add 6 team members for free!

What is the support that TAGFI offers?

Email us at for any of your technical questions. Join our weekly workshops to learn more about how you can grow your community. Events are posted on the platform !

Can I earn advertising or sponsorship revenue?

On the sidebar of your web channel, there are 4 spaces for ads. TAGFI will share 50% of the ad revenue with your organization. You can contact TAGFI about a sponsor that you may have or TAGFI can pay you when we have a sponsor for your channel! Ad Rates vary depending on the traffic and engagement of your channel.