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Community Engagement

Engage & monetize your community through your own branded revenue-generating software. Get all of the engagement, automations and recurring revenue features.

🖥️ Web Platform
📱 TagFi App
😀 User Profiles
🔊 Interactive Content Feed
🔊 Channels & Groups
🗳️ Polls
📺 Video Library
💬 Messaging & Chat
📽️ Live Stream Events 
🏷️ Member Networking

Marketplace Platform

Earn Recurring Membership Revenue, Sell event tickets & services and even enable your members or partners to promote their own business in your marketplace.

🏬 Marketplace Platform
🏬 Business Profiles
🔠 Member Directory
🔊 Member Channels & Groups
📅 Events Marketplace
💼 Services Marketplace
🛒 Products & Offers Marketplace
🔒 Member & User Permissions 
👤 Membership Sign up
🔖 Custom Membership Levels
💲 Ads & Sponsorship

Automate & Grow

Activate the viral sharing features to invite your contacts, followers, and friends to join your community.. Watch them convert in order to unlock member-only access.

📧 Email Automation
🔔 Push Notifications
📧 Customize Email Templates
💵 Affiliates & Partner Revenue
📤 Migrate & Upload Members
📊 Reports & Analytics
📇 CRM Integration 
ℹ️ Dedicated Support 
ℹ️ Launch & Migration Support
📇 Invite User Contacts 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Community Marketplace software for?

Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Communiites with over 500 members who want to engage their members, activate a marketpalce and collect recurring membership & event revenue.  The platform Includes all of these modules: home page, business directory, events marketplace, services & offers marketplace, and community engagement forums. Launch as many modules as you would like.

What levels of digital benefits does the software unlock for my members?

Our smart technology unlocks digital benefits for your members. We offer 4 levels of digital benefits that can be tied to your membership plans. Level 1 includes access to your member-only events, polls, audio chat, video library, live stream, member-only events and LinkedIn style member-to-member connections. Level 2 /3 includes marketplace and promotional features for your members. Your members will be able to post and promote their products, services and offers on your marketplace. Level 4 benefits include channel software that enables your premium members or partners to host their own channel with their content on the platform. In addition, you can also add your own membership perks and benefits.

Who is TagFi Enterprise for?

Enterprise software is for organizations who would like an end to end solution that includes an integrated enterprise CRM, a custom-branded app, and other advanced technical support. Enterprise software also offers Customer Success services including data migration support, member growth services, and more. This software also supports multi-chapter organizations with complex payment distribution and communication needs.

How long does it take to launch? 

Your custom-branded web and TAGFI mobile platform can be delivered to you in less than a week. CRM, data migration or custom- branded app for iOS and Android can take addtional time.

Does the platform replace my website or is it an add on community platform?

Deploy the platform your new website with an independent domain or have the platform be a sub-domain of your existing website. If you choose to launch it as a sub-domain, its best to create a button or a link from your main site to the marketplace platform.

What is the best practice for keeping my current website and having the membership area re-direct to the platform ?

Add a button to your website that says "Community Marketplace" which will direct people to the community platform homepage, and also you can add links to each of the software modules to your header bar (e.g. directory, events, services, groups, etc.)

How does the mobile app work? 

Your community is accessible on the TagFi mobile app. Your users and members can download the TagFi mobile app from iOS and Android and access your community content and marketplace. If you would like a custom-branded app, we can do develop that as well.

How do I promote my Platform and grow it?

We call the platform "The funnel." Use our built-in sharing features & email features to invite your contacts, network and followers to join free events or free channels on your platform. As they become a part of the community, they quickly realize that they need to upgrade to access all of the gated, member-only areas on the platform.

How can I upload my exisintg members and provide them access?

Use the Add Custom Members feature to add or mass upload your members. You can assign them one of the 4 different levels of digital benefits. Your members will get an email notification of their unlocked access and digital benefits on the platform

What are the transaction fees? 

When your members subscribe to your platform, there is a 4.9% + $0.30 Stripe fees for each transaction each transaction. You can also upload / migrate your members for a fee of $1 / member / month. Add 6 team members for free!

What is support included?

The standard agreement includes implementaion, training, 1 hour of support and quarterly growth consulting. You can also email us at for any of your technical questions. Join our weekly workshops to learn more about how you can grow your community. In addition, you can purchase a service package at any time

How does the Advertising and Sponsoship software work?

On the sidebar of your webpages, there are spaces for ads. The ad software enables your organization to easily add advertisements throughout the platform. Charge as much or as little as you want. The best ads are on pages where members are most engaged. You can also put packages together that include a combination of push notifications, featured posts and more! TAGFI has a powerful sponsorship deck template, just ask us about this.

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