Engage Your Community & Drive Revenue

Launch a new website

Launch a powerful new interactive website in less than a few hours. Include any or all of these modules: home page, business directory, events marketplace, services & offers marketplace and community engagement forums.

Plug-in components on your existing website

Add community software to your existing website to engage your members, provide a tangible value proposition, attract new members and even generate new recurring revenue.

Engage members on a mobile app

Fully connected iOS & Android apps that activate networking, marketplace and membership subscription capabilities.

Manage your community on a single dashboard  

The Dashboard enables your organization to manage all aspects of your Custom-Branded Platform, along with all user, member, and payments data.

platform TIERs

Community Essentials
Simple Tools to engage members through your own branded web page. Collect recurring payments for built-in digital perks & benefits that include member access to your content, networking, videos, events and more.
For groups, online communities, & entrepreneurs
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Marketplace Growth
Advanced tools for membership businesses. Collect multiple tiers of recurring payments with built-in digital perks & benefits. Launch a website or plug-in web pages with a directory and marketplace to empower your members.
For businesses, associations, & organizations
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Enterprise Ready
Dedicated hosting, deep integrations and a custom-branded mobile app for large membership organizations. Launch a website, marketplace and mobile platform that can also support complex or multi-chapter organizations.
For communities with 1000+ members and 10+ staff
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Community Essentials

What we are best at

Our Services

😀 User Profiles
Every user has a personal profile on your network. Non-members can create user profiles and become valuable leads for membership upgrades.
🗳️ Polls
Create customizable polls to gain insight into your community preferences. You can also enable paying members to post polls. 
📽️ Zoom Virtual Events 
Host virtual events seamlessly powered by Zoom video.
🔊 Interactive Content Feed
Post content and allow the community to engage, comment, like, and share. You can also enable paying members to post content. 
🔊 Channels & Groups
Create interest-based channels or groups, which can each be set to members-only or public.
📺 Video Library
Add videos to your library that are visible to paying members only, or to all users. 
📅 Events Software
Create events listings and manage bookings that include a group chat for all attendees. You can set events to be members-only or public.
💼 Services Software
Services can be added to your profile with descriptions, prices, & contact info.
🛒 Products & Offers Software
Products & Offers can be added to your platform with descriptions and links to purchase, made visible to members-only or the public.
💬 Messaging & Chat
Members can send direct messages and join group message threads for networking, events, and support.
📧 Email Automation
Automated emails deliver personalized updates to the inbox of your users.
🔔 Push Notifications
Automated push notifications drive engagement to members' mobile phones.
📊 Reports & Analytics
Access user data, member stats, leads, marketing metrics, and community analytics.
💲Ads & Sponsorship
Promote sponsors on the platform with display ads and featured posts.
🖥️ Custom Website URL
Option to set a custom URL for your website or host as a sub-domain on your current site.
📤 Migrate & Upload Members
Quickly launch your network by uploading your members to the TagFi database.
🔖 Custom Membership Levels
Create unlimited membership payment levels.
👤 Membership Sign up
Sign up for membership and pay securely via the App or Web.
💳 Payment Processing
Collect recurring membership payments and event ticketing.
🏷️ Platform Categories
Configure custom content categories for your platform. 
📇 Invite User Contacts 
Send an invite for your network to join the platform.

Marketplace Growth

What we are best at

Our Services

🏬 Business Profiles
Members can manage dedicated business profile pages and are listed in the member directory. Platform admins can upload and manage profiles.
🔠 Member Directory
Users can search and filter approved member profiles listed on the official network directory.
📅 Events Marketplace
Members can post and manage free and paid events to their profile and in the event directory.
🛒 Products & Offers Marketplace
Products can be added to member profiles and are listed in the offers directory.
💼 Services Marketplace
Services can be added to member profiles and are listed in the service directory.
🔒Member & User Permissions 
Activate multiple levels of permissions for your paying members that can be tied directly to membership subscriptions.
🔊 Member Channels & Groups
Empower members, sponsors, and partners to manage their own channels and groups on your platform. 

Enterprise Ready

What we are best at

Our Services

💵 Affiliates & Partner Revenue
Affiliates, partners, chapters, & working groups can receive a dedicated on the platform. Revenue distribution to partners and affiliates can be activated.
📊 Advanced Analytics
Industry leading analytics and engagement tracking across all communities on your platform.
📧 Customize Email Templates
Industry leading email automation software can be customized and integrated.
ℹ️ Launch & Migration Support
TagFi’s customer success team will provide data migration service.
📱Custom Branded App
White labeled native iOS & Android apps that activate the full suite of community and marketplace capabilities.
📇 CRM Integration 
Industry leading CRM and enterprise applications suite is fully integrated with TagFi and can be configured as an optional add-on.
ℹ️ Dedicated Support 
TagFi’s customer success team will provide enterprise success and member support.  
🖥️ Dedicated Web Hosting
Fully branded white label website that activates the full suite of community and marketplace capabilities.
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