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“For the Chamber of Commerce, it’s a new way of doing business and interacting with our members. It’s a way to engage them through technology that’s really going to be the wave of the future. I think we’re breaking ground here that could revolutionize how Chambers across the country do business.”

- Randy Peers, President & CEO The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
#1 economic development organization in Brooklyn with a history of 100+ years representing the Brooklyn business community. Mission to promote, support, advocate for and convene small businesses and corporations and to facilitate a healthy environment for businesses to thrive.

Do it Like Debow!

Charles Debow of the National Black Chamber of Commerce had a vision to empower black business owners.  After launching The American Dream Marketplace, the engaged community raised over $250,000 new sponsorships in less than 90 days.
#1 organization in the world representing Black-owned businesses. Directly represents and advocates for 2.6M+ Black owned businesses in the United States with major lobbying relationship within Congress, the U.S. Minority Business Development Agency, and the White House.

Earn Like Eric

Eric of EB30x had two gyms and a Fabulous Facebook following when Eric deployed a TagFi Powered Web & App!​

National fitness community based in Chicago with thousands of members who join online and in-person workouts, fitness challenges, and other in-person and digital wellness events.

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The HWNCC Web & App platform is now and on the iOS and Android Apps, and the CRM is going live this month. The configuration process has been completed, the first wave of chapters are onboarded, and marketing rollout to members and prospects is beginning, with a total email list and social media reach of 500K+ wellness market participants which will be loaded into the CRM.
Global membership organization with 30 Chapters with a mission to provide a platform for Health and Wellness Professionals, Practitioners and Resources to be introduced to Corporate Professionals.
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