Do you want to achieve your wellness goals?



Because one size does not fit all, Let us:

  • Offer a wealth of activities that fit different lifestyles.
  • Reward people for engaging in local wellness offerings that support healthy behavior and complement your culture.
  • Create a social community that supports and celebrates their progress.

TagFi wellness activities lead to improved employee engagement, reduced healthcare costs and enhanced company culture.

Healthy lifestyle choices help reduce health care claims related to preventable chronic disease. Healthier, happier employees, and communities are a positive return on investment for clients.

“Social Interaction is a big motivator for consumers who want to get healthy. In a recent study, 49% of respondents say their friends and family were most helpful in staying motivated” — Mobile Health News

TagFi's Participating Providers are experts in the field of :

Fitness, Nutrition, Recreation, Health & Wellness​,​ Education , Sports, Art, Music, Dance, Yoga, Mediation, Medical Massage, Stress Management, Lifestyle Coaching, Weight management, Bio Feedback, Diabetes prevention, and many more...

“Finding the right partner or group to help meet your wellness goals can dramatically increase your chances of success” — Psychology Today


​TagFi: Wellness Through Activity equals Success

The Challenge:
How do you motivate employees or community members towards their wellness goals and promote long-term lifestyle changes?

The TagFi Solution:
Engage members in a technology platform that offers an array of local participating wellness activities that match the lifestyle of each individual. Reward and Track member engagement in participating activities. Our Partners are able to get measurable results through back-end data and metrics.

Health Care Plans, Large Employers, and Government Programs:

  • Improve the health and well-being of employees and community members
  • Reduce health care costs and claims
  • Increase productivity in the workplace
  • Reward and incentivize employees, clients and consumers as they engage in wellness activities
  • Get Data and Metrics on consumer engagement with wellness
  • Track activity and engagement through back end dashboard


  • Other technology platforms that claim to promote wellness through technology create their own evaluations, recommendations and programs. At TagFi, we leave that to the experts.
  • We are a technology company that provides real world solutions to wellness goals.
  • We don't create programs or offer advise to our members, we leave that to the providers & professionals who are experts int their fields.
  • Our Providers offer an array of goal-oriented social and wellness activities. There is no one size fits all.

Pricing that makes sense
Partner with TagFi -Our Promise:

We will customize a program for your employees or community that will reward and motivate them to reach their wellness goals. We will work with you on pricing per employee that out-beats other technology wellness programs and solutions.

We will provide you with customized back-end data that provides measurable results. Rewards, engagement, employee re-engagement, costs, and savings are some just a few of the metrics we can provide.

Together, let’s keep people happier and healthier and keep health care cost down.