Client Connections Made Simple

With TAGFI’s quick-launch community engagement software for Coaches and Consultants, now you can activate, grow, and monetize your network instantly.


Find new clients

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Improve your client retention

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Boost your revenue

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Coaches and Consultants love these user-friendly features

Engaging Events

Your community can engage at in-person events or virtual ones. Automated invitations and reminders plus one-click guest list management makes it easy to grow your attendance. With TagFi’s Marketplace feature, members can even post their own events!

Pain-free Donation processing

Your TagFi web and mobile app seamlessly integrates with Stripe for automatic sponsorship renewals and easy donation processing–allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Automated Engagement

It’s never been this simple to connect with your members.  Add existing members and invite new ones. Enjoy chats, posts, events, live streming and more.

Will you be our next success story?

Business Association

"TAGFI's software is powerful. We deployed the web and mobile app for our black business community and have been able to attract 1000’s of new members, and dozens of new sponsors."

  • Charles Debow, Vice President, The National Black Chamber of Commerce

Fitness Brand

EB30X had two gyms and a Facebook following when Eric deployed a TAGFI Powered Web & App. Now EB30X has a thriving community with 1000s of members. "The app is dope and our members love the seamless access"

  • Eric Basset, Founder and President, EB30X Fitness

Three Steps to a Thriving Client Community

Sign up for the “Activate a Channel” Plan. The plan is only $39/mo (billed annually). You’ll be ready to invite, engage, and earn within minutes!
When new members join your channel, they gain access to your exclusive content and can unlock the built-in digital perks including your resources, events, live stream, member networking, and more. If you've activated a subscription to your channel, every time a member renews their subscription, you earn again. And again. And again.
Add/upload your existing members easily. and invite new members to subscribe to your channel. All of your members gain access to exclusive benefits and unlock the built-in digital perks. But that’s not all! Every time a member renews their subscription, you earn again. And again. And again.