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You’re already running a thriving local group. But what if you could bring your members greater value, turn your passion into significant income, and make group management a breeze? With TagFi’s customizable solution, you can!

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Simplify event management

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The #1 Software for Community Engagement & Revenue Growth
  • Running a local meet up group and collecting money on other platforms can be challenging
  • Set your membership tiers, collect advertising revenue and build your residual income.
  • Get up your custom site and running in as little as 24 hours!
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Our most popular features for Meetup Groups

Engaging Events

Your community can engage at in-person events or virtual ones. Automated invitations and reminders plus one-click guest list management makes it easy to grow your attendance. With TagFi’s Marketplace feature, members can even post their own events!

Automated Messaging

It’s never been this simple to connect with your group. Automate new member onboarding emails, membership reminders, event confirmations, invoices, and more. Less time emailing = more time to engage with your group!!

Pain-free Payment Processing

Choose your own membership tiers and gated content. Your TagFi solution seamlessly integrates with Stripe for automatic membership renewals and payment processing. Never miss a renewal or sponsorship payment again!

Earn significant residual income while empowering your group.

You can keep managing your local group on your own, relying on social media and balancing group management with event planning. Or you can use our streamlined, automated, all-in-one digital platform with a proven track record for growing and monetizing communities just like yours.

Brooklyn Chamber

"For the Chamber of Commerce, it’s a new way of doing business and interacting with our members. It’s a way to engage them through technology that’s really going to be the wave of the future. I think we’re breaking ground here that could revolutionize how Chambers across the country do business.”

Randy Peers

President & CEO The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce


"The platform is 'dope.' Our community is growing and we expect to reach $1M in new membership revenue this year."

Eric Bassett

EB30X Brand Owner & former 82nd Airborne Ranger

Three Steps to a Thriving Meetup Group

When your custom-branded platform goes live, your contacts will be invited to engage with the free content and events on the app. They’ll have opportunities to upgrade their membership to access exclusive content, events, resources, connections, and marketplace opportunities.
Your members are instantly empowered to engage with one another using the chat feature, at events, and in the marketplace. The more they engage, the more your community grows! And the more value is delivered to every member.
Simplify event management
Beyond expanding your membership numbers and effortlessly progressing members from free to upgraded benefit levels, your custom platform also provides trackable ROI to attract sponsors and advertisers. That’s greater residual revenue in your pocket, no expensive events needed.
Grow your community
Invest in the future of your community and exceed your goals
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